More About Cosmetic Tattooing

The feather touch eyebrows tattoo technique involves drawing each individual hair onto the client’s brows until the desired fullness and shape is achieved. An initial consultation to design the shape and a follow-up appointment to touch up any fading is required. The results are breathtaking, and so life-like that you’re very unlikely to ever be able to pick out anyone who’s had the treatment performed.

That’s thanks to the feather touch tattoo tool, which allows the therapist to achieve the most feather-light, hairlike lines to mimic the client’s own brow hair. It is also semi-permanant method to reshape the brows for a fuller, more youthful look, even when the starting canvas is literally blank (the treatment is extremely ideal for clients who may have no eyebrow hair at all, as the result looks like actual eyebrow hairs, rather than the stencilled on block look of the past.) Brow Feathering is the newest revolutionary technique that is perfect for filling in sparse areas of the eyebrows that just won’t grow back. It is a semi-permanent tattoo method that can help lift your eyebrows to give them a youthful look, it can also add fullness and definition without compromising the natural look.

Brow Feathering is quickly replacing the block fill technique, as you can actually redesign or restructure each brow by duplicating individual strands of hair, creating a realistic appearance that looks like real hair. The Feathering technique requires precision and advanced training to perfect, We are able to provide you with quality experience and expertise like no other. Your brows will be designed by our elite Brow Feathering Stylists that have mastered the operation of the feather-touch tool, along with their delicate accuracy and attention to detail you will love your newly shaped eyebrows.

There are various ways to create the perfect brow for each individual and during your consultation you’ll be reassured you’re receiving the treatment that’s accustomed to your specific needs. Your stylist will help create the design that suits your face shape, brow placement and colour requirements. Proper placement of your brows can completely change your appearance and this is what we strive for with every client, to cater to their needs and exceed expectations. If you have previously had permanent makeup that has faded over time, then Brow Feathering is also a great choice for you too. The 3D feather strokes added onto the top of the old colour can add definition and depth to your brows enhancing that natural appearance.

At Luxury Collective Co we specialise in perfecting brows every day and are recognised as Elite Brow Professionals, offering services with quality, skills and knowledge that just cannot compare. If you are longing for thicker brows but feel like you have nothing to work with, let us help you look and feel beautiful with the eyebrows you’ve always wanted. Wake up with perfect brows every day and say goodbye to wasting time filling them in. Call us now to enquire and get ready to book in ASAP for your private brow consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing will save you time and frustration. Your brows look great twenty four hours a day and there is no need to draw your eyebrows on anymore. You can swim, sleep, perspire, have a sauna, play sport, wash your hair and it still look great.


Eyebrow feathering can benefit people who:

Have over-plucked their eyebrow hair Have gaps or scars where the hair has not grown back Are suffering from Alopecia (hair loss), weak or light hair Want a particular shape for their eyebrows IS IT SAFE? We use disposable needles and sterilisation of equipment as required. Performed by our resident brow expert, you’re in very safe hands.


We use quality pigment lotions based in iron oxide, a safe non-reactive substance. The pigment lotions are specifically manufactured for implantation into human skin. Pigment lotions are inorganic (meaning they are semi-permanent). A powder is suspended into a solution of distilled water and glycerine which results in a smooth creamy liquid.


Yes, cosmetic embroidery looks as if you applied a pencil, a little softer and more muted. Immediately after the eyebrow tattoo treatment the colour will appear stronger and darker for the first 7-14 days. After that, you can lose approximately 10 – 20% of complete colour during the healing process within 7-14 days.


The majority of people don’t need to take time off work. There is usually no swelling with the eyebrow treatments but this can vary from person to person depending on levels of sensitivity.


Avoid getting the area wet for the first 5 days while your colour is bonding. Avoid any exfoliants during the healing process (7-14 days) Avoid swimming pools, the beach, steam rooms and saunas during the healing process (7-14 days). Apply after-care products recommended by us. SO WHAT IS INVOLVED? Firstly our expert cosmetic tattooist will pencil and outline on our brows to a shape that is to your liking. A full consultation to determine the colour and style that suits your needs takes place, then a brow tidy up will follow and anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area to minimise your discomfort. Your pigment colour will then be applied to your skin finishing off with a soothing lotion to help with your healing process.

Our lip tattoo treatments

We aim to help you achieve your best look, and to enhance your natural beauty with expertly delivered lip tattoo treatments. Whether you want a plumper, fuller appearance to your lips or to even out the lip line for symmetry, our expertise can help you achieve the look you’re dreaming of.

Fuller Lips

As we age, our lips can shrink and lose their natural shape. We can help you plump out the appearance of your lips using cleverly chosen colours and cutting edge techniques to give the impression of a fuller mouth.

Lip Contour

Our expert contouring treatments can add shape and definition to your lip line. Our artistic contouring can be used to correct irregularities in your lip shape, and skillful use of colour can bring a plumper appearance to your lips overall.

3D Lips

The latest trend in semi permanent lip tattoos sees the very best techniques applied to give a 3D effect to your natural lips. Using a combination of lining, light effect shading and artistic blending, we can make your lips look fuller and perfectly symmetrical, whilst also giving them a deeper natural colour to keep you looking your best every day.

What you will need to know beforehand

Before you decide on giving your lips a semi permanent makeup tattoo treatment, you’ll undoubtedly want to know what you’re getting yourself into. To help you make the right decision, it’s good to know that:

  • Lip tattoos take between three and 10 days to heal, depending on the size and depth of the treatment.
  • You need not take time off work following the procedure, as you’ll be pain free and healthy within hours.
  • The colour intensity will fade up to 40-60% after the first treatment, which is why we recommend a top up 4-6 weeks later.
  • The treatment is not painful, with most of our clients reporting only minor discomfort.
  • Full consultation is undertaken before treatment, and all treatments are performed by a qualified practitioner
  • Clients who have suffered from cold sores (Herpes virus – Herpes simplex) can experience symptoms of the infection after the treatment to the lips. Anti-herpes medication is available over the counter or on prescription and has been shown to prevent or minimize such outbreaks.
  • Lips after the procedure may appear very flaky/crusty for up to one week following the procedure.